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GrowthXP is the leading growth chart module for health care professionals and is used across maternity, neonatology, pediatrics, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, nutrition, as well as in all other services where accurate monitoring of growth and development is of importance.

By integrating directly into electronic health records, from any vendor, GrowthXP uses available data to perform complex calculations and generate growth charts and tables for efficient growth monitoring. Interoperability is obtained through the use of FHIR  (by HL7) or web services.

Our unique technology produces charts that completely mimic the original (paper) designs, and also allow us to include additional features in any chart or report. The technique produces a true real-time display of results. The chart design may also automatically adjust according to the patient’s characteristics, or user settings.

Our expertise

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World's #1 growth chart software

GrowthXP is used by renowned clinics, hospitals, regional health authorities and electronic health record vendors worldwide. Domain knowledge from more than 25 years of experience, cutting-edge technology and superior quality makes us the undisputed number 1.


Large collection of reference charts

The PC PAL reference repository was built with our academic partners and includes more than 5000 data sets from more than 60 countries. We then configure each national version of GrowthXP with the appropriate reference data sets for that country.


Compliant with safety and privacy standards and regulations

Thanks to our experience in the field of medical software development, our methods adhere to both US (FDA) and European (EMA) guidelines. Also, all our European products have obtained CE-marking as applicable for medical devices.

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Solutions designed for integration with all systems

GrowthXP integrates perfectly into all types of health care information systems, such as electronic health records, regardless of technology.

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First contact

During the first contact, we get to know each other and discuss together how our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. You will discover that our commercial approach is flexible, to adapt and meet your expectations.



After studying the project in more detail, we present the options and propose a solution adapted to your context and needs.


Deployment and Support

We'll assist with the deployment, and support you all the way through planning, deployment, test and production release. In addition, when needed, we'll provide training to end-users and of course, ensure maintenance and support of the solution.

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