State-of-the-art decision support for growth and physical development from birth to adulthood


Key features

High quality growth charts with country specific layouts

Growth follow-up from birth to adulthood :

Growth charts for each area of expertise

  • Preterm babies
  • Babies small for gestational age
  • Pubertal assessment: Menarche, Tanner pubertal stage
  • Bone age & predicted adult height: BoneXpert, Bayley-Pinneau, Tanner Whitehouse II, Tanner Whitehouse III
  • Close follow up during hospitalisation, treatment, etc …

Visualisation of growth charts for obesity and body proportion follow-up

For children, young adults, and adults. Yes, it’s also for adults, as our charts extend to allow monitoring of obesity, or thinness for all ages.

Disease specific growth charts

* Exact content subject to country version.

Instant calculations and visualization

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