The Rennes hospital

Marc de Kerdanet,
pediatrician, pediatrician, endocrinologist and diabetologist at Rennes University Hospital

As a practitioner at CHU, I work in research as well as at the clinic where I spend most of my time with my young patients and their families.

I have been using the GrowthXP module for more than 10 years and it is therefore quite natural that I adopted, along with my eight colleagues from the pediatric department of Rennes University Hospital, the specific GrowthXP ENDO database developed specifically for our pediatric endocrinologists.

The advantages of this solution are beyond any comparison to the paper charts still too often used in our departments. The computerization of growth data, their immediate graphical presentation and above all, the pedagocial link that it allows us practitioners to create with the patients and their families make GrowthXP ENDO a valuable and essential tool.

Thanks to GrowthXP ENDO, the doctor and the patient are no longer each on either side of the office. The screen is shared and the patient sees these data that they can understand. Far more than the data analysis of the children treated with growth hormone, GrowthXP ENDO makes it possible to centralize and especially to illustrate graphically making all the information immediately readable such as the curves of weight, growth, Body mass index, for all children under treatment, either in conventional pediatrics or in particular when following up for hormonal deficit. The database allows a doctor who has access to GrowthXP ENO to connect from a different location if necessary, for example while having to consult the child in another department.

The next project that deserves the hospital’s full attention would be the integration between the patient data from the administrative department and the clinical data from the different medical departments. The time that’ll be saved would be priceless, not to mention how it’ll facilitate one single access to all patient data. PC PAL is ready to accompany us on this adventure.

I was the one who initiated the purchase of GrowthXP ENDO within the pediatric department at Rennes University Hospital because I could not conceive of working without a tool like this. In addition, the technical sales team of PC PAL had a perfect understanding of my expectations: such expectations coming from a doctor (much more important than being a man in finance or a technician), whose primary need besides establishing the finest diagnoses, is to establish human bonds with his patients and their families.

For me, the main strength of GrowthXP ENDO is its pedagogical character, which helps to break the wall that sometimes stands between the technicality of a doctor’s words and a patient’s anxious misunderstanding. I want to communicate with human beings before talking about diseases and this is what GrowthXP ENDO allows me to achieve among other things.

Dr. Michael Witsch
Rennes University Hospital