CHL Luxembourg

Dr Michael Witsch,
endocrinologist and pediatric diabetologist

As a pediatrician at the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL), I work primarily in endocrinology and diabetology. Growth monitoring, and specifically weight, is therefore a key element in terms of diagnosis for my colleagues and myself.

Despite the tool installed in our hospital that has some obvious rich functionalities, its technical disadvantage does not allow integration with the hospital EMR system thus leading to a double entry by our practitioners in order to integrate the data manually. This is why it has become necessary to question the need for our department to look for a more comprehensive solution capable of integrating existing patient data.

And this is how PC PAL, having anticipated my request, intervened in the most appropriate manner.

Having some notion in IT as well as the experience of the previous tool, GrowthXP attracted my attention immediately. It incorporates some of the many undeniable potentials of the initial solution, seamlessly integrates with the hospital EMR. With this integration, various quantifiable data can be analyzed and immediately visualized, which is priceless in our profession. The immediate and comprehensive visualization of a growth curve, a weight curve and the BMI of patients, is an invaluable asset for the practitioner.

In short, this solution, which I consider truly revolutionary, stands out for its ergonomics, efficiency and ease of integration. GrowthXP is a compelling decision support solution. It provides speedy and accurate data interpretation which makes us gain in efficiency, in quality. It improves the communication of precise information between different departments as well as with the families as it becomes very easy to give them a readable and immediately available growth curve. The technical qualities of GrowthXP in terms of its integration, its capacity to adaptations, and data processing are indisputable.

In addition to the five pediatric endocrinologists at the CHL, we have planned to install GrowthXP at the entire department. Not a single colleague is resistant to this change, they are actually really impatient. This solution also offers the double advantage of being translated in French and having a specific version per country.

In Luxemburg, our consultations are shared between patients from Luxemburg, France, Belgium and Germany among other countries. Having the references specific to each of these countries represents for us valuable time saved. The degree of precision offered by GrowthXP remains unmatched today, to my knowledge, compared to their competitors. The display is similar between the different countries observed, which makes it easier for us to read and navigate.

The less time we have to spend on data entry and processing, the more time we have for our patients and for research. This is the real scientific value of GrowthXP, which I recommend with eyes closed to all hospitals. I would add that the ease of access and the ergonomics of the software are coupled with a responsive, attentive team, which ensures that we never feel abandoned and that the work provided is of high quality. We are in the health field, our job is deeply human-oriented and it is essential for us to speak to human beings rather than to robot programmers. Whenever I get the chance, I present GrowthXP to other hospitals that I can only encourage using this innovative and high performance system.

Dr. Michael Witsch
CHL Luxembourg