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How can a complete overview of all visits be seen?

There are four ways:

  1. Toolbar panel
    A timeline with all visits from birth onward is always displayed at the top of the page with all visits indicated by a marker. The timeline can be used to navigate between visits by clicking on the marker.
  2. Visits drop-down list
    When multiple visits in a very short time period are present, it may be easier to select the desired visit by clicking on the round button with the downward pointing arrow below the right hand end of the timeline. This list shows the date of each visit together with age, height, weight and measurement source.
  3. Printed list
    Open the Chart selection panel by clicking on the blue half-moon at the right of the screen. Select List and then the desired type from the selection shown to display a printable report.
  4. Graphic overview
    The growth chart is typically the first screen selected and of itself is an excellent review document creating a context for the visits and measurements. These exist for different measurements and can be printed.
How are new observations recorded?

Use the Patient data nodes in the Tree View on the left of the screen to navigate to the relevant section for recording attributional (fixed) information. The choices are:

  • Patient
  • Birth
  • Parent

Or Visit data information from:

  • Auxology
  • Puberty

Visit information requires a date to be entered by either:

  • Clicking the New Visit button on the toolbar
  • Selecting {New Visit} from the {File} sub-menu
  • Using the pre-defined keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F5
How do I get login credentials? (Available in GrowthXP Pro only)

Each GrowthXP installation has a system administrator responsible for creating and maintaining all user accounts. This person will register you as a user and give you your login credentials consisting of a user name and password.

How do I print a growth chart?

There are three steps:

  1. Load the patient for whom the chart is required.
  2. Open the Chart selection panel by clicking on the blue half-moon at the right of the screen and select the chart type by clicking one of the images.
  3. Click the Print icon or right click in the graph and select Print from the menu.
How do I calculate BMI?

BMI and all other calculations are automatic once sufficient data has been entered. To view the BMI select Auxology in the Tree view. BMI's can also be viewed by selecting the BMI chart.

How do I calculate a patient's height velocity?

Height velocities are calculated automatically. To view them select Calculated values in the Tree view.

Does GrowthXP contain the CDC charts?

Yes, all CDC charts including the WIC specific charts are included with their original layouts. That's one of the strengths of GrowthXP to perfectly replicate any country's standard charts. That's why we make specific national versions of the program, in addition to the language adaptation.

Does GrowthXP contain the WHO charts 0-2 years?

Yes, the US charts with WHO reference data 0-2 years were added in version 2 of GrowthXP.

Does GrowthXP contain the Fenton premature charts?

Yes, birth size calculations and all premature charts in version 2 use the Fenton data.

Can GrowthXP be integrated into our Electronic Medical Records?

We provide three different options for integration. The first two are GrowthXP Pro and Pro Viewer versions that can be called from your EMR, using a single sign on system. The Viewer receives it's datasets from the calling program, whereas the Pro stores data in its own database. The third alternative is our growth chart component which was specifically designed for integration into EMRs. Contact us for a detailed discussion on your needs and current environment.

How do I download a demo version of GrowthXP?

You'll be able to download a demo version of the GrowthXP Lite application directly from our website.

Go to the 'Demo' section, fill in a simple form and hit the 'Download' button.
The download process will take an instant and installation of GrowthXP Lite will follow automatically.

What settings can I configure while viewing a chart?

Various settings can be applied to a growth chart offering customized complementary features:

  • Plot today line
  • Show event timeline
  • Draw line (or disconnect) between measurements
  • Make chart anonymous
  • Hide patient data
  • Show corrected age curve
  • Show bone age
  • Show pubertal section
  • Plot target height and parental heights
  • Switch age range between 0-1 yr and 0-20 yrs
  • Switch reference type between Percentile and SD
  • Translate chart language



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