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An all-in-one electronic growth chart tool

For any health professional interested in improving the quality of children growth assessment, GrowthXP handles data registration, calculation and visualisation in a fluid and intuitive way.

GrowthXP optimizes the control and analysis of growth data, providing you the best way to gather, organize and present valuable data concerning children growth.

Thanks to PC PAL's wide-ranged collection of growth references,
GrowthXP constructs high definition charts and plots both measured
and calculated values using:

  • Different country population references
  • Specialized syndrome specific references
  • Chart templates exist in different languages

You can benefit from our expertise in electronic growth charts
as GrowthXP makes it:

  • Easy to monitor child's growth comprehensively
  • Possible to detect growth problems without delay

Start collecting data as early as at birth in GrowthXP.

  • Gestational age correction is available for children born premature.
  • Each visit is recorded with 7 different parameters such as height, weight, head circumference and sitting height.
  • Possible to record parents measurement and calculate target height.

Statistics (SDS and Percentiles) are instantly done to each entered parameter.
Further more, a dozen calculations including BMI, predicted adult height, height velocity are performed automatically to serve as additional evaluations criteria.

Puberty and bone age related data can be entered in GrowthXP.
Both are important aspects of the diagnosis of endocrine disorders and the follow-up of growth hormone treatment.

Event section enables users to create entries of events freely.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, e.g. indicate development stages, surgeries, treatments etc.

They can then be displayed along the age scale of a growth chart.

Reports are:

  • Designed to present different areas of growth data in a logical structure.
  • Exportable as PDF and can be printed directly from GrowthXP.

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