Developed to support health care providers in evaluating children growth, as well as to help make timely treatment decisions, GrowthXP is a comprehensive tool for the recording, calculation and display of anthropomorphic data.

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GrowthXP Lite

GrowthXP Lite

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GrowthXP Pro

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GrowthXP Pro Viewer

GrowthXP Lite

Growth Chart Component

GrowthXP Offers an Extensive Coverage of Growth data

  • Gestational age and Birth
  • Parents data
  • Auxological measurements
  • Bone age assessment
  • Pubertal maturation
  • Extraordinary event

GrowthXP Performs Calculations Using Underlying Data

BMI, Growth velocity, Predicted adult height, Percentiles and Standard Deviations based on population norms

GrowthXP Produces High resolution charts

Measurements and calculations are automatically presented on high quality charts of standard reference, premature reference and syndrome-specific reference

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